Kelp Health Benefits

Kelp is a sea plant that is considered one of the healthiest foods on earth. Though kelp and other sea vegetables are popular around the world, especially in Eastern countries, the standard American diet rarely includes kelp. More people are beginning to understand kelp benefits and incorporate this amazing plant into their lives, but there is still a lot of room to grow. This is why kelp supplements are becoming increasingly popular. The supplements provide all of the nutrients found in kelp’s natural form in the perfect dosage that can be taken each and every day. Supplements are the perfect way to get the benefits of kelp without concern for the taste, texture, or amount you should ingest.

Kelp is a great source of iodine. Iodine plays a major part in thyroid health, so those who want increased levels of energy and a metabolism boost often use kelp capsules for this purpose. The capsules make it easy for the body to absorb the iodine, as well as the other minerals found in kelp. Instead of taking several different vitamins and minerals to create balance, kelp provides an abundant amount of everything the body needs, all from one location. Kelp benefits also include enhanced brain function and increased immunity. Many users of kelp find it prevents anemia, which is especially important for those whose diet lacks iron.

Though kelp is considered safe, it is important for those with malfunctioning thyroids to speak with their doctors before use. Though kelp benefits include doses of iodine, it can wreak havoc on a system that is not already functioning correctly. Working with your physician or natural health practitioner will ensure you are not overdosing on iodine when using kelp products. It would probably still be possible for you to use kelp safely, but you need assistance determining the proper dosage for your body.

Finally, kelp benefits include protection from radiation poisoning. Recently, when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, causing a nuclear disaster, people began loading up on iodine tablets. The iodine is believed to prevent radiation poisoning. Kelp is an adequate substitute for straight iodine tablets, especially if you are only mildly concerned about radiation issues. For this same reason, those who have undergone cancer treatment will want to consult with their oncologist before using kelp as a supplement. Though kelp can help with the healing needed to prevent the spread of cancer, it might also interfere with the radiation therapy, so it is better to err on the side of caution when considering it as a supplement.